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A will is administered through a probate court. This process accounts for a deceased person's assets and their distribution. The probate process typically last a year or more. Beneficiaries receive designated property and cash assets according to the provisions of the will, once all requirements of the probate court have been met.

An intestate death (with no will), on the other hand, requires estate administration according to state laws. State statutes spell out which survivors are heirs and what dollar amounts and what proportions of estate proceeds will go to the respective heirs. Estate administration without a will usually costs more and takes longer than the probate process.

Perhaps you are the designated executor (personal representative) for the estate of someone who will soon pass away or has recently passed away with a will in effect. You naturally wonder how to begin and carry out your duties. As an established probate law firm with offices in the neighborhood of Rego Park within Queens and elsewhere in New York City, the Law Offices of Irina Yadgarova PLLC can guide you confidently through the probate process. If there are trusts in place that name you or others as trustees, you will receive the information and assistance that you need at this time.

You may be next of kin of someone who died without a will and wonder how to resolve the estate. What if that person left only informal statements such as videotaped, handwritten or notarized instructions? If your loved one died without a will or left behind unofficial expressions of his or her wishes, talk to a probate law attorney. At the Law Offices of Irina Yadgarova PLLC, an experienced lawyer can evaluate all unique factors such as outdated wills and guide you through the steps for distribution of assets and closing the estate.

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Knowing you have put an enforceable, long-range plan in place can offer you and your family reassurance that assets will be protected and processes will be clear when the time comes to carry out that plan. We work diligently and effectively to achieve the right results. Discuss probate, estate planning and related elder care matters with a knowledgeable New York lawyer in Queens, also serving Long Island and the entire New York City metro area. Contact us by email or at 347-699-5LAW (5529).
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