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Plan For Medicaid And Other Elder Law Matters

Aging can bring rewards for people who are able to look back on life's experiences and accomplishments with satisfaction and gratitude. At the same time, growing older brings distinct challenges.

At the Law Offices of Irina Yadgarova PLLC, we advocate for the rights of seniors in New York and Queens counties. Many older people require guidance and assistance to face physical, medical and financial changes. Younger people with disabilities often grapple with similar problems. Our New York law practice focuses on elder law issues such as:

  • Medicaid planning for people of all social classes
    • Evaluation of Medicaid eligibility in light of the five-year look-back
    • Exploration of options such as spousal refusal that can preserve Medicaid eligibility
  • Long-term care planning
  • Nursing home and assisted living facility applications
  • Home care service planning

We aid the disabled and elderly in retirement planning, Medicare and Medicaid rights, powers of attorney and advance health care directives.

Helping You Afford Health Care Upon Retirement

Aging without Medicaid could put your life's savings at risk as you struggle to pay for prescription drugs and manage the costs of nursing home living or at-home care. Proper estate planning can ensure that you will be eligible for Medicaid when the time comes.

It is never too early to begin planning for future or imminent long-term care needs. While you are middle-aged (or younger) and still healthy, you are in a good place to begin taking the steps needed to preserve or ensure your eligibility for Medicaid. If matters are more urgent — such as after a serious accident — an attorney can still advise and guide you to help you gain access to resources you are eligible for.

Schedule a free initial phone consultation with a New York elder law and Medicaid planning lawyer. Learn how the Law Offices of Irina Yadgarova PLLC can assist you. Email us or call 347-699-5LAW (5529).

Knowing you have put an enforceable, long-range plan in place can offer you and your family reassurance that assets will be protected and processes will be clear when the time comes to carry out that plan. We work diligently and effectively to achieve the right results. Discuss probate, estate planning and related elder care matters with a knowledgeable New York lawyer in Queens, also serving Long Island and the entire New York City metro area. Contact us by email or at 347-699-5LAW (5529).
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